Raising people’s awareness-raising and educate them on various environmental questions is close to your heart? You wish to develop new skills and learn more about environmentally responsible solutions? Living in the district or not, you are welcome to become a volunteer at the Eco-quartier Peter-McGill.

Volunteering at the Eco-quartier Peter-McGill involves working

within a dynamic team, devoted to making the citizens living environment

better and promoting ecological, sustainable and fair practices.

Your dedication is essential the achievement of our mission. Hence we recruit volunteers on a regular basis to help us with various activities (urban farming, monitoring of the compost bins, office work, cleaning activities).

Volunteering Eco-quartier Peter-McGill
Volunteering Eco-quartier Peter-McGill
Volunteering Eco-quartier Peter-McGill


Walking through the Peter-McGill district, area by area, you will identify the locations of the different issues in term of cleanliness and waste management. Thanks to a tablet, you will fulfill a form and take pictures if needed while observing the residual material left at the edge of the street to be collected. The activity lasts approximately two hours, and takes place once or twice a week.

As a volunteer you will support the 4R's project manager and get in touch with the residents to inform them about what they need to do in order to improve the quality of the recycling. The door-to-door will take place in residential buildings (50 housing and more) which will allow you to stay dry and warm. The activity lasts approximately two hours, and takes place twice a month.

As a volunteer you will follow up on the maintenance of our five communal compost bins. You will check that the compost bins are in working order, fill a tracking form, help airing the decaying residuals and repair anything that needs to be fixed. The activity lasts approximately two hours, and takes place once or twice a month.

As a volunteer you will help the 4R's project manager to set the nursery activities. You will prepare the models, cut out the templates and create do-it-yourself step-by-steps. You will also be encouraged to suggest new ideas for the handicrafts, the presentations and the creation of the graphic handbook. The activity takes place approximately one to four times a month and can be done at home or at the Eco-quartier Peter-McGill.

You will translate documentation and communication tools from French to English: the monthly newsletter, flyers, website, event calendar etc. The activity will vary in duration according to the Eco-quartier’s needs and your availability.


You will get the supplies required for the construction of the self-watering planter ready: drill a hole at the bottom of the plastic boxes, cut tubes and assist the greening project manager in this activity.

You will be in charge of the spring cleaning of the district’s green alleys considering the upcoming summer period. You must like outdoor work such as transplantation, laying mulch, cleaning and weeding.

You will be part of the annual flowers distribution. You will be assigned different tasks throughout the day: welcoming citizens, distributing the flower boxes, assembling the equipment etc.

You will help maintaining our two garden plots. Program: watering, weeding, planting and other gardening activities.

You will deliver documents to residents’ mailboxes (flyers, event calendar, and community-based compost bins information). You can also meet the residents to talk about a topic chosen beforehand.

You are interested in joining us for one of the activities mentioned above? Contact the
volunteers’ manager by email at benevolat.eqpm@saesem.org or by phone at 514 933-1069.