• A new recycling bin at Éco-quartier!

    Éco-quartier Peter-McGill is offering a new service! The district’s residents and workers will now be able to dispose of selected items in an eco-friendly way thanks to Éco-tri, a multi-material recycling bin. Accepted materials are # 6 plastic (quantity limitation), writing implements (pens, markers, mechanical pencils, highlighters), pull-tabs, bread-bag clips, CDs and DVDs, cork stoppers, […]

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  • Clean up

    Organize a cleanup

    Every fall, Éco-quartier Peter-McGill encourages area residents to clean up their alleys and courtyards or the sidewalk in front of their homes. Get in touch with us! Our team can help you with your activity and can lend you tools at no cost: brooms, dust pans, pliers, garbage bags, wheelbarrows, shovels, gloves, T-shirts, leaf bags, […]

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  • Collecte des résidus verts

    Green Waste Collection

    Green waste is collected in the spring and fall. Green waste must be left at the curb in the same location as household waste, between 5 and 8am on collection day. Accepted waste includes dead leaves, garden stubble as well as conifer and cedar hedge trimmings (these must be tied in bundles 50 cm wide […]

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  • A Tree for my Neighbourhood

    A Tree For My Neighbourhood

    A Tree For My Neighbourhood is back this fall! Until September 27th, don’t miss this opportunity to buy magnificent trees at very low cost! For just 25$, you can do your bit to enhance biodiversity by planting a tree on your property. You may place your order online on the campaign website or with your […]

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  • Mauvaises herbes

    Do you know your weeds?

    Weeds flourish in the sort of rainy weather we have been experiencing lately. Don’t let them take over your garden! You don’t need to rip out everything, but here are a few species that it is best to eliminate. Psst! You can click on the images to enlarge them (text in french only)! To learn […]

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  • couches lavables

    Renewal of the washable diaper subsidy program

    The Borough of Ville-Marie is renewing this program for a further year. A total of 50 grants of $180 are offered to parents for the purchase or rental of washable baby diapers. These grants promote the use of washable diapers and help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, as well as preserving our […]

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  • Ventilate your home even in winter!

    During the winter season, it is important to air out our living spaces. Indoor air is often polluted. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are found in furniture, fabrics, carpets etc. Humidity caused by cooking, showering and even human occupants’ breath can give rise to mould and contribute to the premature deterioration of our homes. This is […]

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  • Compostage

    Composting 101

    Here are some simple composting tips to help improve food waste collection.   Newspaper, your new friend Summer and winter, it is important to alternate moist matter (food waste) and dry matter (with a cellulose fiber base, such as newspaper, paper towels or used tissues). Wrap meat or fish scraps in newspaper and line the […]

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  • Quartier 21

    Quartier 21 clean-up

    On November 18th, the area bordered by Saint-Mathieu, Sainte-Catherine, Saint-Marc and de Maisonneuve called Quartier 21 was given a thorough cleaning. With the help of four generous volunteers, Eco-quartier Peter-McGill gave this green alley an end-of-season sprucing up. Rubbish was collected, green spaces were readied for winter and the recycling station was repainted to cover […]

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  • montrealite-matv-télé-TV

    Eco-quartier on TV!

    MATV TV team paid us a visit in October! As part of her citizen journalism, Paulette Lévesque, a reporter for the program Montréalité, came to help the Eco-quartier Peter-McGill team maintain our compost bins. The segment starts at 6 minutes 45 seconds (french only).

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