If you would like to organize an interactive workshop for your students, training for your employees, or organise a booth to bring awareness to the residents of your building, come by the Éco-quartier ! We have a series of workshops and tools to help you improve your environment.

All of the Éco-quartier staff can organize an awareness workshop or presentation in schools, institutions, and offices on a series of environmental themes :Atelier

  • Residual wastes ( reduction, recycling, reusing, compost, or dangerous waste )
  • Zero waste lunches
  • Eco-crafts
  • Urban agriculture
  • And even more …

As a part of this service, we also organize awareness booths for :

  • Apartment buildings to inform residents on recycling, garbage and recycling collection schedule, and the city by-law of “civisme, le respect et la propreté” ;
  • Offices to target the habits of employees and help introduce new initiatives, improving your office’s impact on our environment.

Awareness Tools:

Pas de circulaire - No junk mailThis “No Junk Mail” sticker is all you need to stop solicitors from littering your mail box. Feel free to take as many as you need and distribute them to your friends and neighbours! You can also print it right here.


3.2.2 Outils de sensibilisation _Affiche_Dépôt sauvage_Vente d'affiche_complete_anglais3.2.2 Outils de sensibilisation _Affiche_Dépôt_sauvage_Vente d'affiche en françaisÉco-quartier sells a series of signs to help raise awareness about on and off street garbage disposal. These signs help educate people to not deposit their garbage and unwanted articles on the streets, and inform the public about the appropriate disposal services available. Click here to preview our signs!



 3.2.2 Outils de sensibilisation_Affiche_pollution_canine13.2.2 Outils de sensibilisation_Affiche_pollution_canine2In addition to our pamphlets and stickers to combat pet waste on the street, Éco-quartier is providing coroplast signage to help raise awareness to pet owners to pick up their pet waste. Éco-quartier sells these signs at the cost of $5 (printing cost).




Éco-quartier Peter-McGill provides awareness material to help educate people and make sorting recyclables easy.